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genBPM Brochure

Technical Architecture

genBPM Implementation


Key Features

Follows a model and template-based approach

Automates the generation of physical objects

Extendable and configurable framework


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Summary :

The genBPM framework automates the development and deployment of a data warehouse solution. Unlike traditional data warehouse approaches Intelli-Mine’s genBPM allows users to enter the business process and automatically generates all the physical objects, namely data warehouse, OLAP and the ETL components. As the business evolves the business changes can be modeled and a new data model generated.

Key Features:

The two main modules within genBPM are Business Modeler and the Deployer.

Business Modeler:

Enables business and IT to enter business process through visual modeling techniques and generates the conceptual model. The main basic entities used for mapping and modeling are: Attribute, Source Entity, Business Entity, Metric, Dimension, Business Rule, Business Connector, Business Mapping and Business Model.

The Business Modeler generates an XML which is used by the Deployer.


The Deployer reads the XML generated by the Business Modeler and generates and maintains:

  1. Staging Database to Data warehouse to Data Marts
  2. Extraction Routines (SSIS packages)
  3. Provides roll back and full audit trail capabilities for all changes on the system.
  4. Generates the databases for data visualization in a CWM Framework. Allowing the user to connect to major vendor solutions for the front end.

genBPM gives the business users the ability to completely generate, manage and maintain their BI solution, drastically cutting down the time, money and risk spent on developing Business Intelligence Solutions.

This Model-driven approach, streamlines the technical details and complexity of installation and maintenance while providing the deployment engine a template to generate all necessary components.