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September 10, 2009 Volume 1, Issue 1
>> Analyzing and Anticipating Tomorrow
>> Accelerating Returns Utilizing Multifaceted Analytics
>> Opportunities in the Indian Markets
>> Why Contact IMR?

Analyzing and Anticipating Tomorrow

As the siloed technology discussions of SaaS, SOA, virtualization, and web services converge and confront fluid business pressures, standard operating processes (SOP) and decision making breaks down.  They become dysfunctional and a hindrance to profits and nowadays, organizational survival.  As business leaders struggle with innovation and consumer behaviors, a stark realization has emerged that without sufficient analytics, intelligence, and predictability, they cannot capitalize on “what’s next?”  

Moreover, changing market conditions have created voids in reporting and compliance systems, internal skill sets needed for adaptation, and the budgets needed to implement change.  There is a need for business clarity to avoid layers of cascading hazards, but analytical uncertainty and hidden risks have created institutionalized frustrations.

Many quantitative organizational analytical approaches are starting over.  After huge CAPEX investments coupled with significant budget increases, the value of insight and governance produced by “intelligence and analytical” tools have yielded a false sense of purpose and security.

Yet, what call to action is provided within and across these hundreds of data points routinely gathered and aggregated?  Who has primary or implication accountability?  What are the systems of record?  Who is directly and indirectly responsible for what is measured?  What does it all mean within an industry or organization struggling to survive? 

Intelli-Mine, Inc. and Innovative Relevance® have developed products, services, and frameworks that deliver actionable intelligence for the challenges we face today — and tomorrow.  Together, we are “Setting The New Standards for a Changing Global Reality.” 
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Additional Content and Actionable Intelligence

· Review a round-table analytical
  discussion with six industry leaders
  “Pause – It is Time for Reflection.”

· Read “After near Industry Extinction,
  Analytics are Questioning Everything.”

· View a demo of leading performance
  and risk management KPI’s.

· Take our “Utilizing Analytics and
  Creating Intelligence in ‘The Cloud’”

· Intelli-Mine and Innovative-Relevance
  announce partnership.

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Accelerating Returns Utilizing Multifaceted Analytics

With an average organizational analytical investment for each solution consuming between $250,000 and $1 million, organizations have little tolerance for new and expensive analytical ideas. Why?   

For decades, managers and their teams have sought the “holy grail” of decisive and discrete performance indicators that would assess and predict corporate profitability.  As we now know, their inability to cohesively link strategy, operations, risks, and rewards have resulted in permanent industry realignments – M&A’s, failures, oversight, fiduciary breeches, and consumer alienation. 

This two-year crisis us has taught everyone that analytics are not one-time investments.  Analytics and the underlying technologies require continual ever-greening and multi-faceted examination.   So whether you are using in-house provisioned systems, SaaS solutions, virtualization, or even cloud computing, you can be assured that Intelli-mine and Innovative Relevance® have the roadmaps and delivery solutions.  Read more ...

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Opportunities in the Indian Markets

IMR took its quest to deliver comprehensive analytic products and services to the Asian markets in August 2009. With the chaos induced freeze across the domestic markets, IMR executives turned their attention towards the rapidly expanding Eastern markets where the need for analytical excellence is being driven by changing domestic demographics, customer needs, and global importance of their local business operations.

The IMR Asian market trip identified, specifically within the India subcontinent unmet needs exclusively among small and medium sized financial and capital market organizations. Moreover, IMR identified the scope and complexity of this demand across not only product needs, but services, shared services, and outsourcing forward spanning the next 2 to 3 years.

So what other lessons learned resulted from the Asia Pac business leader discussions?

· The government sector is one of the fastest growing where analytics are needed and money is being spent. Consorted efforts are being made to use technology to bring order to vastly varied and chaotic systems.

· Partnership opportunities are extensive. Numerous firms are eager to align with IMR based on their product suit, in-depth knowledge of the financial markets, and experience of their executives spanning 15 years. In fact, during this trip two partnership were finalized -- Details will be announced soon.

· Outsourcing of analytical systems are becoming more common due to the multi-faceted linkages of dissimilar data sources, the use of cloud computing, and rapidly changing needs that cannot be met with internal skills alone.

· An Indian economy growing compounded at over 8% GDP year over year provides investment options from Indian companies to North American firms that posses and demonstrate a forward looking vision that aligns with new globalization realities and foreign consumers.

· Indian financial institutions are going through a phase of hyper growth. This broad sector has a huge appetite for new technology, skills and business knowledge, which demands assistance with analysis and expand of the business models. IMR is perfectly poised to provide this sector all the insight backed with sophisticated analytics to hasten their growth.

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Why Contact IMR?

Analytics are everywhere — yet many organizations are struggling with their integration and relevancy.  The acceptance of continuous performance improvement (CPI) was made popular over 50 years ago by noted authors Demming, Tapscott, Hammer, and Champy.  Moreover, with an estimated $62 billion being spent on analytical technology solutions in 2009, are we getting CPI when it comes to our investments? 

Intelli-Mine has spent nearly a decade creating CPI analytics that delivers “out-of-the-box” integrated key performance indicators (KPI’s) within industry segments of — finance, insurance, investment banking, and mortgage. By understanding the industry needs first, Intelli-Mine provides its clients a framework and product that is designed to assist businesses generate adaptive, configurable and customizable insights for predictive and historical analysis.

Innovative Relevance® has spent nearly 15 years providing leadership and published insights on M&A, risk management, outsourcing, and strategic services. Their global services experience, honed across hundreds of clients in healthcare, finance, insurance, and high-tech, provides a measurable competitive distinction for their clients. 

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