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Technical Architecture






Performance Management


Key Features

Provides performance management, report authoring and analysis capabilities

User friendly, intuitive interface designed for business users

Can function as a front end information delivery platform for any data warehouse


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Summary :

vizBPM is an integrated visual framework that has been designed to provide a collaborative and self-served area to display information such as Dashboard, Analytics, Reports and Alerts, providing browsing and authoring capabilities without leaving the same environment or requiring highly specialized skill set to create effective displays. vizBPM uses web technologies to produce a light, secure, flexible, reachable, and zero-foot-print application to allocate administrative, authoring, and browsing areas presenting different formatting options. vizBPM interfaces through standard metadata definition (CWM) which allows communication with additional platforms, vendors, or can utilize systems already in place, reinforcing its extensibility and low ownership cost.

Dashboard Designer

Dashboards are a visual and graphical way for users to keep track of the metrics that are most important to them in the execution of their day to-day responsibilities. A dashboard is a collection of various indicators, external views/data-feeds and pro-active alerts arranged in a desired format or a template. The vizBPM application allows users to create, edit, delete and manage their dashboards. Users can also share dashboards and use them as collaboration tools with other team members. The designer tool allows users to drop and drag the content they want in the layout they prefer.

Performance Management

vizBPM simplifies the effort involved in creating performance metrics KPI (Key Performance Indicators), Alerts, budgets, score cards can be effortlessly created and edited with in the framework.

vizBPM Analytics

Analytics is a method of analyzing data that is organized according to categories or dimensions, which decision makers find most useful when measuring the performance of their business. Analysis tools help find meaningful information in the existing data. For example, information on how the growth of different product lines compares across regions over a certain time period. These relationships reveal cause and effect patterns, trends, and exceptions-altogether these indicate how business is performing. Analytics give users extremely high accuracy in deciphering trends and patterns in their data.


vizBPM users can create their own reports through the Report Authoring tool. Using the established connections users can report from Dimensional Database, Relational Database, OLAP sources. A drop and drag interface allows business users to easily create comprehensive full feature reports.